fixed price Net Reflections Starter Site Package

We recognise the fact that new businesses may have limited resources, even though we all know how important it is that a business has a website. The answer?
A Net Reflections Starter Site Package.

This is a four page website, for a one-off price of £350. This is ideal for getting you started on the Web. In this price, we include a free domain name for the first two years. View Starter Site pricing here.

The basic price of £350 does not include a CMS (Content Management System), but we can easily add a CMS to your starter site.

Like our 'Standard' sites (which can be much larger and more comprehensive) these Starter Sites are individually designed.

What if you want us to make the site larger? You can have extra pages added to your Starter Site, at £50 per page. You could have the site enlarged in this way later, when your business is more established.

We do not put a limit on the amount of text you can have on a single page. Within reason, you can have as much as you like. We do limit the number of images per page in these Starter Sites, to a maximum of four per page (not including any graphics involved in the overall site design).

When you agree to purchase one of our Starter Sites, we will offer a free planning meeting, to agree some important details about your website. Once you have supplied us with your images and website copy, in digital form, we can usually produce your site within 5 working days.

How you can update and modify the content of your Starter Site.

As an additional option, Net Reflections can provide you with a Content Management System (CMS) which you can use to edit your website once we have created it for you. This is ideal for adding new content, for instance a new paragraph,adding or changing images, updating prices etc.

netref editor CMS

This CMS - our Netref Editor CMS - involves some extra cost, and this is fully explained on our Starter Site pricing page . It adds another dimension to our already successful Starter Site option. It means that you (or anyone in your company who you authorise to carry out website updates) can edit your site from any computer with an internet connection, using your usual web browser. This means that you could even update your business website while travelling!

When creating pages which you can edit with our CMS, we protect vital aspects of your web page, so that you cannot accidentally damage the structure or 'look' of your web page. We make certain areas of the page safely editable, so you can edit these parts easily, almost like using Microsoft Word.
The Netref Editor CMS includes a W Y S I W Y G ('what you see is what you get') editor, and you can edit your pages using a web browser like Firefox.

Please note these points about Starter Sites:

Once we have agreed the general 'look and feel' of your website, as discussed in outline in the planning meeting, our designer will interpret this in order to create your Starter Site. It will not then be possible to alter the design.

You will also have to buy 12 months Hosting for your website, with prices starting from £55.

We do not charge VAT.