web design and web development services from Net Reflections, Dorset

Individual Website Design - We specialize in producing sites which capture the unique features of your business or organisation and which are all individually designed. Unlike some web design agencies, we do not make all our client websites look like minor variations on a common theme - on the contrary, we design individual sites to suit our individual clients.

Net Reflections Starter Site Package - We recognise that some potential clients, especially new businesses, need a less expensive route into owning their own website, so we offer a fixed price Starter Site package.

Net Reflections Websites - If yours is an established company / organisation you may well find that our StarterSite Package is not sufficient for your needs, and you will need a more comprehensive website, with more pages and probably more facilities. Our prices for websites, including larger and more comprehensive brochure sites, are always competitive. These sites can be virtually any size from 5 to 100+ pages.

Dynamic pages - Our Starter Sites have individually designed pages, pages where the main text on the page is always the same. The other extreme is a fully dynamic site in which the pages which appear will vary according to the choices of the visitor. If you require a dynamic data-driven site, we are happy to oblige. Several of our more complex sites use PHP for Server-side scripting, and a MySql database. Most larger e-commerce sites will also be dynamic, using a database and a scripting language.

Flash movies - We can produce eye-catching Flash movies for your site. We are able to deliver fully interactive Flash content with the necessary actionscripting. We can produce sophisticated Flash movies for marketing and exhibition display use.

Content Management - we can enhance the flexibility of your 'standard' site and allow some pages to have easily updated content. The problem for businesses with websites in the past has been an inability to maintain constantly fresh information, special sales offers, inventories, news pages etc. without incurring high cost. We can arrange content management in different ways, depending on your requirements.

E - commerce - We can set up e - commerce / online shopping facilities if you require them. We can provide you with a full range of e-commerce options, ranging from a single PayPal 'Buy Now' button right up to a large and fully featured online store.