search engine optimisation and web site promotion

Search engine performance can often be of critical importance when considering the effectiveness of a web site.

Web site effectiveness is hard to measure, but it is always vital that a web site can be easily found by its intended audience.

A successful web site will be easily found using Search Engines such as Google, MSN, Ask (Jeeves) etc.

Search Engine Optimisation - SEO is a process which can be applied to websites to increase the effectiveness of the website by making it easier to find in Google etc. However nice looking a website is, if it cannot be found, then it is not effective.

Net Reflections is a Dorset company which successfully provides SEO services. Many of our clients' websites achieve very high rankings in Google. Despite this, we never promise to achieve very high rankings - there are too many variables, especially when a website falls into a popular category. Any company which promises top rankings is not to be believed.

In order for a site to be found, using a search engine, it has to have previously been indexed by that engine. Indexing will occur sometime after the site has been visited (‘crawled’) by a search engine ‘spider’ or ‘robot’. Once indexed, then it may, or may not, show up well in ‘searches’. Indexing can take months, especially for Google.

In order to show up well in searches in Google etc, the site needs to meet certain criteria. To a considerable extent, these criteria have been programmed into the algorithm used by the spider. The algorithms used by different engines will to some extent differ.

Only certain key engines are really important in SEO terms, especially Google. Search Engine Optimisation is a process of making the site / individual pages ‘search engine friendly’.

Organic Search Engine Optimisation is a term sometimes used to describe the SEO which is built into a website, either during the design and building of the site, or at some later date. It is obviously desirable that this should be done during design time, as it can save costs later. It should be carried out by people / companies that understand the SEO process, and also understand the pitfalls and limitations involved.

A little helpful SEO advice:

  • Your pages should include useful and relevant content, and that means text.
  • Each page should have a focus.
  • Do not waste money by paying for anyone to 'submit your website to thousands (or even hundreds) of search engines'. This is just throwing money away.
  • Do not repeatedly submit your site to Google for inclusion.
  • Obtain high quality inward links.

At Net Reflections, we use a number of very successful strategies to improve SEO, many of them when we build a website for the first time.

Of course it is possible to bring traffic to a website, even it is not optimised for search engines, using ‘pay per Click’ advertising in Google, Overture etc. This can work, but the campaign needs to be correctly managed, and there are obviously costs involved. High paid rankings cost more, especially for popular search terms.

Net Reflections SEO Services, currently used by several companies

When we specifically optimise a web site for good Search Engine performance, we will look at the following areas:

  • The actual web site design and site structure, including individual page structure. Does the site actually work? Is the navigation system suitable? Is the page coding up to scratch? Does the page coding meet current Web Standards? Does each page validate correctly?
  • Is the site content optimised? Net Reflections will write copy for clients' web pages if required, but we have expertise in creating web copy that is optimised for search engines, at the same time as being 'useful' and 'relevant' to visitors.
  • What keywords are important? We will research the search keywords and key phrases likely to be needed for your products or services. Keyword research and analysis forms an important part of our SEO services.
  • Meta tags and other web page Meta-Data: although the famous Keywords Meta tag is much less significant today, the correct use and SEO of all 'hidden' web page data, including page titles, is vitally important for Google success.

In a thorough SEO campaign for business websites, we carry out a well planned programme which will aim to make a really significant improvement in search engine performance.

Net Reflections is able to carry out a wide range of SEO related tasks. Contact us to find out more!