website hosting

Net Reflections can host your website.We can choose the most suitable Hosting for your particular website needs. Our prices for Hosting are competitive, but we do not compromise on standards.

Hosting for our Net Reflections Starter Site package costs just £55 per annum. This has ample storage space and traffic allowance. It also includes POP3 email (which we set up for you).

If you need Content Management (CMS) with your Starter Site, then your annual Hosting will cost £110, still less expensive than most of our competitors.

For our standard Net Reflections websites, (not Starter Sites) Hosting starts at about £60 per annum. The actual price will depend on your requirements, and we always discuss this fully with our clients during the planning of your website. Again, we will set up good email facilities for you, both POP3 and Webmail if required.

If you need us to add CMS to one of our standard websites, the Hosting will cost £110 per annum.

If your website is a dynamic site, using server-side scripting, often with a database, then hosting will generally cost from £110 per annum.

Please understand that we cannot give exact quotes for Hosting costs, until we are certain what your website requirements will be. The exception is our fixed price Starter Site option. You can confirm Hosting costs here.