e-commerce (shopping) website from Net Reflections

Shopping sites and the technology behind them come under the collective term of e-commerce. This covers a wide range of different teachnologies, and also a wide spectrum in terms of sophistication.

At the simpler end of the spectrum we might find a web site selling one or a few products, each with a PayPal 'Buy Now' button. At the other end of the spectrum there are large e-commerce sites selling thousands of products, usually involving a back-end database.

At Net Reflections, we can provide shopping sites from the relatively simple 'single product' sites, right up to large and fully featured on-line stores selling virtually unlimited numbers of products. As you would expect, the cost of an e-commerce solution will vary acccording to its complexity. Please ask us for a quote. Once again - we could only quote after we have a detailed understanding of your requirements. This will certainly involve a (free) consultation meeting, before we can come up with a realistc quotation. But then our quotation really would be realistic.

What features could we include in a fully featured e-commerce web site - your own business' online store?

We design and build complete e-commerce stores, online shops.
Our e-commerce websites use dynamic coding with PHP and MySQL database.
Our Clients can have important input into how the store will look.

A Shop can carry hundreds (or more) products.
Your shop could sell 'real' physical products, from books to shoes, or you could sell downloads, like music or software.
Each product could also have multiple options, such as finish, size, colour.

Shoppers can easily find the products, due to sophisticated menus and product searches.
Shoppers can also search by product category and / or product sub-category.
Any product search such as 'shoes' gives Results page with products arranged in one or multiple columns.

You can choose how you want products displayed.
Each product can have up to four different images.
Product prices can be shown with or without VAT in initial results, as you prefer.
Product Details 'page' for each product - show as much product information as you need.

Full 'Shopping Cart' functionality. Shoppers can add multiple products to their cart.
Shopper can easily add products to their cart, or remove products, alter the number of items.
Shopping Cart is always available to shopper with one or two clicks.

Shop owner can easily set up and apply different Discount schemes within the 'shop'.

You have the option of offering your customers Order Tracking, and viewing of past orders.

Sophisticated Admin / back office for shop owner allows full control.
From Admin 'owner' can add new products, remove products, change prices, update delivery costs etc.
You can automatically monitor stock control, and optionally 'hide' out-of-stock products.
From inside Admin, shop owner can add 'Upsell' to individual products, e.g show other related products of interest.

The shop owner / business can decide how to accept credit cards through card Payment Gateways or Processors.
Net Reflections can integrate your online shop with different gateways / processors.

We could go on for ever - there are so many features. Get in touch to find out more!