website Content Management Systems from Net Reflections

How you can update and modify the content of your web site.

Net Reflections can provide you with a Content Management System (CMS) which you can use to edit your website once we have created it for you. This is ideal for adding new content, for instance a new paragraph, changing images, updating prices etc.

Adding or including CMS involves some extra cost. This can be seen on our Starter Site pricing page. As our typical Net Reflections websites (not Starter Sites) can vary greatly in size and complexity, we cannot provide a fixed cost for adding CMS. We would only be able to quote for adding CMS as part of an overall quotation, following discussion of your requirements.

The simplest CMS we offer is our Netref Editor CMS. This involves us in making specific parts of your page(s) editable by you, while protecting the structure and design of the page. We give costs for using the Netref Editor CMS on our Starter site pricing page.

A good CMS adds another dimension to your new (or existing) website. It means that you (or anyone in your company who you authorise to carry out website updates) can edit your site from any computer with an internet connection, using your usual web browser. You would be able to designate different people from your team to maintain and update different sections of your website.

When creating pages which you can edit with our CMS, we protect vital aspects of your web page, so that you cannot accidentally damage the structure or 'look' of your web page. We make certain areas of the page safely editable, so you can edit these parts easily, almost like using Microsoft Word. The Netref Editor CMS is a W Y S I W Y G ('what you see is what you get') editor. As we indicated above, we have to quote individually for each CMS that we install- the only exception is our Starter Sites.

Net Reflections can offer more than one type of CMS, to suit your requirements. We can explain the alternative approaches to CMS during discussion with you. Remember that Net Reflections always offers a free no obligation consultation to prospective clients, for all web design and development work.

Please contact us, to discuss your requirements.