web design and web development prices

Our prices offer excellent value for money. Get in touch to find out more. We offer free consultation on our services and pricing.

Net Reflections Starter Site Package - This is our lowest cost web design category, and is suitable for new businesses / business start-ups where cost is an issue.

The Starter Site Package costs just £350 for an individual 4 page website. This is a once only cost.

This includes registration of a .co.uk domain name for the first two years.

Extra pages cost £50 each.

Net reflections Hosting for Starter Sites costs only £55 per annum. This is an additional annual cost. We will set up your hosting for you, upload and test all your files, and set up initial email accounts.

Net Reflections Website - This website is more comprehensive, individually designed, and will have additional features not found in our Starter Sites.

There is no fixed cost for a Ret Reflections Website, as costs quoted will depend on how long we think it would take us to create the site. Larger sites are likely to cost more than smaller sites, as they take longer to design and build. Our costs are very competitive, so please get in touch to ask for a quote.

Please note that we are unlikely to be able to give you a quote without a very clear understanding of what you want, and for this we need to meet you for a free consultation.

E-Commerce stores / online shops - Net Reflections can build online stores to suit a range of requirements. We cannot quote for e-commerce sites in general, you will have to tell us what sort of e-commerce site you are looking for, and we will discuss the project with you before quoting. Our prices are always competitive.