web design and development FAQ

What web technologies do you use?

Web pages use XHTML. We aim to make our sites comply with modern Web Standards. We validate our XHTML and CSS. Our pages separate the content from the structure and 'look' of the page. Our sites use CSS to control the look and feel. We often use javascript, and increasingly Ajax. Our sites often include the use of some XML. Our dynamic sites like shopping sites will use Cookies.

We often make use of PHP or sometimes ASP for dynamic sites. Our dynamic sites often require a database. Many of our sites use PHP and MySQL, including e-commerce sites. We use Flash, including Actionscript, as required.

How many pictures can we have on a page?

We do not put an artificial limit on how many images you can have (apart from in our Starter Site package). In the same way, we do not put limits on how much text you can have per page.

What do you charge for Flash movies?

This is a 'how long is a piece of string?' question. It depends on the complexity of the movie. This in turn determines how long it takes us to produce the movie. We price complex Flash movies by negotiation with the client. If you would like us to include Flash images, Flash animations or Flash-driven interactivity, then we would be pleased to arrange this. Our prices are always reasonable.

Do you charge more for dynamic pages?

A dynamic site, such as a typical 'shopping' site, will have many pages where the content will change according to the choices made by the visitor. For sites like this we cannot make a charge based on the number of pages, since there may be no fixed number of pages. For complex sites we charge according to the complexity of the site, and the specific requirements of the client. Talk to us about your requirements, and we will be able to come up with a realistic quotation.

Do your sites work in all browsers?

We take care to make sure that our pages work correctly when viewed in a range of modern browsers. We carefully test our sites with a range of 'modern' browsers, including Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome etc. Our sites work in IE 6, but this is not a good browser and we recommend that you no longer use it. We aim to ensure cross-browser compatability.

What do you charge for shopping sites?

This again depends on the complexity of the shopping site. The costs of setting up a shopping site with a small product range would be less than for a more complex operation. If you discuss your requirements with us, we will be pleased to discuss costs.

Do you offer free consultations?

We offer a free no-obligation initial consultation meeting if you are deciding whether to use our services. Then once you have decided to use Net Reflections, we would offer a free discussion meeting in which we would be able to decide, with you, on important aspects of the site. In addition, we always keep in touch with clients during the process of designing and building their site (except for Starter Site Packages), and arrange for clients to see and discuss the work in progress as the project develops.